Our goal is to serve our clients with integrity, and provide a quality service. Here’s how we feel we’re different:


We include:

  • A thorough, qualified inspection
  • An easy-to-read, cloud-based report that includes photos and video
  • Downloadable PDF version of the report
  • And answers to any follow-up questions you may it one week after your inspection...or one have our number!

What we won’t do:

  • We won’t be alarmists. There’s no reason to make small issues seem big and unmanageable, even if we identify several along the way. Small issues are easy to remedy.
  • We won’t make you wait for your report. Most reports are delivered on the same day. 

If the main inspection report it isn't in your             hands within 24hrs, we'll give you a $100                 refund. (* some ancillary services take 48hrs         due to lab turn-around)

What we’ll do:

  • Inspect everything from the ground to the rooftop, inside and out.
  • Look for defects, or issues that may be imminent.
  • We’ll carefully connect the dots. Some cracks and defects begin to tell a story of a more significant structural issue.
  • Make clear and concise recommendations on issues we find.
  • Report on the positives too.


We encourage you to attend your inspection and ask questions

In a field where many inspectors ask their clients not attend the inspection, or just to arrive at the end, we’re the exact opposite. We want you to join in and ask questions. When we find defects or concerns, we love to explain how they’re typically repaired or remediated and what the severity of the issue is. This can often be the difference between something appearing catastrophic and something manageable or fixable.

We consider ourselves not just inspectors, but professional consultants and your home inspection is your best opportunity to learn about the home and the story it has to tell.


We always perform a roof-level inspection 

Many home inspectors in our region will merely look at your roof with binoculars from the ground. We’ll either walk the roof, or use a high resolution drone if its not or safe or possible to be up there. The roof is too important to skip being thorough.


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